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Extra Class

MFJ QuickStudy Ham Radio License Guide

MFJ Publishing guarantees that youíll pass your written exam on your first try . . . if you donít pass weíll refund your money in full* . . . you canít lose!
*Send copy of receipt, proof of failure to MFJ within 30 days of failing and we will refund the purchase price of your MFJ QuickStudy. Limit 1 per license class.

What is MFJís QuickStudy concept? The objective is to pass the exam and get your license with a minimum amount of study time so you can start enjoying the hobby right away.

Each MFJ license guide has all of the exact questions given on the written exam. Each question on the exam has a multiple choice answer. But why take the extra time to study the wrong answers? Itíll just add to the confusion and doesnít help you pass the exam. MFJ gives you only the correct answers. When you take the exam the answer jumps out at you -- no confusion, nothing to clutter the mind. Itís an instant correct answer because you only studied the right answer.

Study the material thoroughly a few times, pass the test and enjoy the friendship of ham radio -- it couldnít be simpler.

MFJ QuickStudy License Guides are available for all classes Technician, General and Extra Classes. These books only cover the written part of the test, not the five word-per-minute code exam.

MFJ-3211, Technician, MFJ-3213 General Class, MFJ-3215 Extra Class

Only $89.95!

HF STICK, 10M, 3/8
Only $14.95!

249/259 DIP COIL S
Only $24.95!

Only $159.95!

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