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PacketOnly™ Data Transceiver

Enjoy high performance packet from 1200 to 9600 baud on 2 Meters, 24 hours/day.

Why tie up your expensive 2-Meter rig? You can dedicate MFJ’s PacketOnly™ transceiver to your favorite packet channel for continuous 24 hour-a-day duty.

The MFJ-8621A PacketOnly™ radio is a 2-Meter FM data transceiver built exclusively for high performance packet. You can operate all data rates from 1200 to 9600 baud right out of the box!

MFJ-8621A is compatible with all TNCs having hardware DCDs. Also compatible with most TNCs having software DCDs.

Getting started couldn’t be easier - just plug in an appropriate TNC cable (also available), your antenna, 12 VDC and you’re ready to enjoy error-free packet.

You get up to 5 Watts output - ideal for packet. It’s plenty to cover your operating area without disrupting distant nodes.

Direct modulation lets you use all data rates from 1200 - 9600 baud without modification.

Ultra-fast PIN diode switching gives you near instantaneous changeover between transmit and receive.

Dual conversion receiver, 0.25 uV low noise preamp, double-tuned front end gives you excellent weak signal reception and freedom from intermod.

Narrow 10.7 MHz IF filter and special full data-bandwidth 455 KHz IF filter gives you optimum passband and steep skirts for error-free data reception.

Unsquelched audio feeds directly to your TNC for lightning-fast DCD response.

The receiver local oscillator is crystal controlled. It runs full-time - no start-up drift or synthesizer lock-up delay.

It is a tiny 5" x 5" x 1 ½", and it draws just 15 mA on receive and less than 1 Amp on transmit on 12 VDC.

MFJ-8621A: Ready-to-operate on 145.01 MHz. Order other plug-in crystals for just different frequencies.

MFJ-8621AX2: Ready-to-use for APRS. Crystals pre-installed and transceiver precisely aligned. 144.390 MHz

BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30
Only $24.95!

Only $24.95!

Only $39.95!

HF STICK, 40M, 3/8
Only $14.95!

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