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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-347.

From: David Crites K1WJ
4 Mounting Bolts supplied were not long enough for 1.25 in mast!

Other than that, works good.

Made a 6m dipole with 2 6m hamstick type antenna's.


From: Rabelo PY2AN
4 Mounting Bolts supplied were not long enough for 1.25 in mast!
The Bracket is very close to the screw dipole element
Other than that, works good.

From: Bill MacGregor
Its to bad you did not have these made 102" as the 102s were
were made to be used with springs to get to 104 - 108".

" 80-6 Meter mini-dipole using two HF mobile whips!"

Much better would be, 4 MFJ-1966s Cut down as they are To Long
Use the MFJ-347 x 2 or if your short of money 1 MFJ-347 and some
angle iron to mount the second 2 MFJ-1966's
Mount properly [remove some isolation] 2 MFJ-1966's on a 4' boom
and the second set of 2 MFJ-1966's on the other end, no isolation.
Mast 6' to 8', yep works great. Don't forget to make the reflectors 5% longer.
You have a 2 elm Yagi for 10 to 12 meters.
I use one at home and have one that the mast mounts to my Trucks tailor hitch.
Cannot really use it running down the Freeway.
But it just takes a couple of minuets to set up any time I want
to do some dxing from the beach or mountain top..

Radio Shack still sells the 102 for $19.99.
If I owned MFJ I would not want to miss out on sales of springs and 3/8-24 x 1", 3" and 6" brass nuts


Only $39.95!

Only $39.95!

Only $229.95!

249/259 DIP COIL S
Only $24.95!

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