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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-403.

From: Doc WB0FDJ
I bought this keyer to use with all of my QRP rigs. SWL 20 and 40, Cubs, HW-8, Tuna Tins, whatever. I know it looks like something Rube Goldberg might have come up with with the clunky looking paddle on top but, hey, it works and works well. It provides a sidetone for rigs that don't have one. The "on-the-fly" adjustable speed is very handy (easier that going into a menu while operating). Once I got used to the funny looking paddles I find they work very well. Runs forever on the 9 V battery. If I feel really frisky I will plug in my Vibroplex paddles. Yeah, I like it and have not had a problem. As I write this it's plugged into my newly built AC-1 Junior. Well worth the cost.

VHF DISCONE ANT, 25-1300 MHZ, SO-239
$69.95 each

AUTO TUNER, 1.5KW, 1.8-30 MHZ
$699.95 each

HF/VHF/220MHZ/UHF,.530-230,415-470MHZ,SWR ANALYZER
$399.95 each

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