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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-4035MV.

From: Frank Allen W9BMW
I purchased the MFJ-4035MV new a couple of years ago. It has worked flawlessly during that time to power my HF transceivers and keep my backup emergency batteries charged. Out of the box the fan is a bit noisy. I did modify the fan circuit to include an inline resistor to drop the fan voltage a couple of volts to slow it down. It is now \"whisper quiet\" and keeps the power supply plenty cool. It is a simple modification to make. This is a good choice for a bench supply for your rigs and much nicer than a switchmode supply.

From: Bryan WB0YLE
Well..finishing up the shack, and don't want to have car batteries scattered all over the place with chargers at the ready to top them up after an operating session.

And...running a repeater, and radio production facility in the next room...there's a need to have good, solid, 12-14v accessible to all three facilities in my 'shack'.

So...casting about for a high-current-capable, solid supply. Don't really trust the switching types...besides, nothing says 'current' other than a solid transformer-based supply.

Well...the 4035MV fits the bill without even breathing hard. Yeah, when everything gets keyed up, I'm drawing about 20A, and the fan is noticeable. That's ok. It's in the repeater rack...in the other room. But it takes the load and keeps on going.

Used some powerpole strips in the shack and radio studio to have taps there (interconnected with 8ga cabling back to the supply). 13.8V measured at the supply...13.8 at the power breakout. And it takes the load. To me, that's the important thing.

So, you're looking for that shack supply that has power to spare (I'm figuring that having 10-15A headroom is a good thing...)...you could do a lot worse than investing in this one.

(I do suggest, however, that you consider mounting the supply away from the operating position...at high current, the fan can be a bit noticeable...but, that's a plus in itself...you know it's working).

73 all.

From: Dwight Straehl KB9VSB
This Power supply is Outstanding! I have used it for over 10 years! Not only has it powered everything from a TS2000 to a Mobile Tire pump, its cooling fans are quiet and keep it working without fail!

From: Art KG4EYG
The fan works very well and powers my FT-920 easily. However, the fan is noisy and I get comments from other hams during my QSOs. Even when the radio is off, if I transmit on my other radio, not connected to this power supply, the fan kicks in on high....but I can't feel any heat. I want to keep this reliable power supply, just need some ideas on how to quiet it down. thanks!

From: Tom
My ham radio call sign used to be WB2BAG but I let it expire many years ago. I purchased this power supply for the medical devices company by which I was previously employed. I don't think I've ever seen a more ideal adjustable power supply for high power (up to 420 watts continuous) with incredible regulation and extremely low ripple. It is very well protected, rugged, and has been used, for many years for long periods of continuous operation near the high end of its power capabilities. It was purchased in 1999 and still going strong (except that I now need to replace the terminal posts in it). We originally purchased quite a few of them and, in more recent years I have recommended them to a friend who has also been thrilled with it.

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HF/VHF/220MHZ/UHF,.530-230,415-470MHZ,SWR ANALYZER
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