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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-418.

From: Elmar Forsch DL8AJ

I have been a licensed radio amateur since 1986, only allowed to operate on VHF/UHF, however.

I had been trying to learn the morse code, which is a prerequisite for HF operation, several times but gave up training after a few weeks every time.

Last October I started training the code once again, this time determined to fight it all the way through. On a ham fair(Interradio, Hannover, Germany) I came across the MFJ 418 Morse Code Tutor which I found immensely helpful as I could practise the code any time everywhere.

On July 20, 2002 I passed the morse code exam and was assigned DL8AJ as my class 1 call sign.

This is to thank you for providing the product that ultimately helped me to get my long desired class 1 license.


Elmar, DL8AJ(ex DB8FZ)

From: Julius Laviano KG6TFH
The MFJ-418 Morse Code Tutor is a fantastic teaching aid. It is a heck of a lot easier than carrying a laptop. It allows you to use the "KOCH" method to lear Morse which is the best method ever, in my opinion.

It is just wonderful and great for recurrant training if you have been sluffing off.

Now, if I can get MFJ to send the leather pouch I have on back order from HRO, I will be a happy man.

From: anonymous
You can use both the Farnsworth method AND the superior Koch method with this excellent teaching tool. It's the best product on the market for learning Morse code, and has been since it was introduced in the mid 1990's. It's easy to learn whenever you have time you can listen to it.

The only downside is that it doesn't accept standard AA batteries of any kind, including the wildly popular high cycle life Eneloop NiMH that will outlast any other battery available (1800+ charge-discharge cycles for AA NiMH versus 200 to 500 for lithium ion). You must add 9 volt batteries to your spares kit just to keep this device running, which adds a great deal of unnecessary complexity.

Fortunately, it's easy on the power drain, and a single 9 volt battery will last almost long enough to complete your training at your desired speed. MFJ, please update this product to be able to work with AA NiMH batteries!

From: kf6ffh
Great! I can learn at all times. I use MFJ-418 constantly. It takes a little setup time to learn to use the menu, but after you set it up... It is a great tool to learn. Small and convienent.

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