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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-4602.

From: Michael Hensley W4MEH

Although I have yet to plug in any coaxial cables, Your through the window mount is a real Dream!!! Had to cut about 6 inches off long end, Placed into window, closed window and with a slight push even the window side lock locks both top and bottom in place.

Thanks for keeping up the long standing tradition of quality products for Radio operators.

From: Michael Hensley W4MEH

I would very much like for you to tell the world about your wonderful

This window device continues to amaze me. A couple days after it was installed we had here in Central Virginia the worst wind storm in my soon to be 55 years on this Earth and for 2 days of storm there was no air leakage or window movement due to the installation of your product.

From: James Rubin KC2LMH
I thought that I should tell you at MFJ how happy I am with my model MFJ-4602 Window Feed Through panel. I am using it in a double hung window in an apartment building in NYC and I am currently feeding a mag-mount dual-band antenna that is sitting on top of the air conditioner.

The panel has made a big difference in my life as an operator. The building management will not allow an antenna on the roof, so this is my best bet. Previously I had to place the mag mount outside each time I was operating and bring it in afterwards. The past arrangement was difficult to use during inclement weather, but your product has been impervious to the elements!

Thanks for making my ham life easier, safer and more enjoyable.

3/8-24, DOUBLE T P
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