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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-927.

From: Dennis KG4RUL
What is great about it is no extra wires to run! The unit is supplied with DC power via an injector in the coax run. All you need is to transmit a low power signal to the unit and it tunes!

My unit is currently operating with a 41' flagpole antenna. I have added a 1K resistor to the tuner jack of my TS2000(x) which enables it, when the "AT" button is pressed for 1-2 seconds, to initiate a tuning sequence:
- Radio remembers current power and mode settings
- Goes into CW mode
- Sets power to 10W
- Keys up

I watch the SWR readout and when it stabilizes, I momentarily press the "AT" button again:
- Radio unkeys
- Restores previous mode and power setting

Easy and quick!

While the unit is not waterproof, if it is mounted with the plastic box up, it can survive almost anything short of immersion. I also ran a bead of silicone sealant around the junction of the metal chassis plate and the plastic box for further sealing.

From: Charles Bess ad5en
I have used one of these MFJ-927 remote automatic antenna tuners for over 7 years and have always been satisfied with its ability to tune up a random wire on whatever band (80-10) I needed.
I live in a neighborhood with antenna restrictions so getting something that worked reliably and effectively was my goal. I ran a long wire over the top of my roof, attached it to the tuner and the first 3 stations I worked were in South America. I've not touched it since.
I definitely recommend it as a viable solution in that situation. AD5EN

ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
$26.95 each

$199.95 each

ANT. SW., 4 POS., 2.5 KW PEP, 0-450 MHZ, GND, LP.
$79.95 each

$229.95 each

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