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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-9440X.

From: Jeff Latz KA0ARW
I've been using the MFJ 9440 in SSB and CW for a number of years. I've taken it camping in the woods. I throw a dipole up in the trees, hook up a lawn mower battery, attach a solar panel and have at it. It is a fun rig at home or in the woods for sure. If I can hear a signal I can usually work them. When conditions are right for 40 meters I have worked DX, such as South America. It has been a robust unit standing up to much moving about in the camp bag and rough camping weather. I recommend it highly.

Jeff Latz

From: Alan Beadle KC2TND
This is a fantastic radio. It's built durable, it has a great receiver, and it seems to transmit pretty well too. Definitely didn't expect a 10 watt radio to work this well, especially for this price.

I was happy to see that a headphone jack has been added to this rig on the recent revision. This was a concern of mine from reading previous reviews.

From: David Hendricks N8HSO
What a great radio! I have more fun using this radio than any of my other HF rigs that I own. I worked DR1A in Germany during a contest pileup on a dipole and I don't think the guy believed me when I told him what I was using. It has great receive and excellent audio. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this radio. Keep up the good work MFJ!!!

From: Ray Smith KG0V
OK got the rig in February put two 7 amp batteries paralell, two 5 watt solar panels and a tunner wid a wire ant. it all fits in a small back pack, ready for field day in June. Fat chance I already have nearly 100 hours on this rig and it is March. In SSB mode, DX to the Canary Islands from colorado , all over the states. I put the MFJ-415b cw mod when i got the rig and have had a blast working local stations. This is one rock steady radio from 449 to 599 rst very little warm up needed drift is not reported. On the trail, in a park, just about anywhere. Still looking forward to field day with it.
"73" KG0V

From: Rich KD2GHL
This radio is awesome,I get very good signal reports and a lot of inquiries about what I am using for equipment.. I simply have this radio going through an MFJ 874 SWR meter and then through 100ft of RG213 coax into a MFJ balun which feeds my inverted v dipole with the apex at about 30 ft above the ground here

From: Robert Frawley w9uss
Very nice radio, great receive sens and audio. Very impressive tx audio, everyone compliments on how well i sound, and they can't believe i'm qrp.

From: Doug AF7ZQ
I have had the radio for about a month now and could not be happier with it. With 10 watts, a tuner and homemade dipole I have made contacts in Saskatchewan, Nevada, California and Hawaii.
The radio has good sound and gets good reports. The only thing that could be better would be greater adjacent signal rejection, but this is minor on an overall high quality rig.

ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
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