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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-998.

I had a 994B that worked super on the Ham band and Mars freqs.
I just bought the 998B,it is as good or better.
We are using it with a ST-2000 Kenwood and Ameritron ALS-600 (a Great little amp).
Running Bazooka Dipoles for 80 and 40 meters will give us great freq range.
We had tried other auto tuners that did not preform as well as the MFJ.
Way to go MFJ,Thanks you for this great tuner,

From: Fred N4WI
I have had the MFJ-998 since Dec 16, 2007 and is connected to Icom IC-756ProII with interface cable. This tuner does a great job. I have a inverted Vee feed with 450 Ohm Line, balum and coax into tuner. The Icom auto tuner would not match this antenna on any band but with the 998 it matches on any band. I use different memory band for each antenna, with a external Antenna switch. When I change bands or freqs. I just hit the Antenna tune button on the radio and it clicks one time and it is tuned in less than a sec. I use this tuner with a Ameritron AL-80B at 800 watts CW and 1 KW on SSB and it works great with amp.

From: Tom WE4N
My hat is off to you for the MFJ 998. I have had mine for a while now and I am very satisfied with the product. My faith is returning with your products...

From: Wim Hoebrechts ON4BHQ
This tuner works fine. I tested it hard during the CQWW SSB 2008. Running 750 Q's with 1 KW this should be a good burn in test. The tuner survived without any problem.
From time to time, as Dub, N5NXX mentioned in his review on eHam, I also get the "Huh, increase power" or "Oops, decrease power" msg, mostly after switching to another band. Pushing the "TUNE" button is required to make it run again. Strange as the tuner is in autotune mode?
Something about the meter. The analog crossneedle meter is worthless in SSB (same problem as N5NXX), the digital readout is a little better, but still not accurate enough. Perhaps MFJ can solve this by making a software update?
Still the MFJ-998 is worth the money. With a good meter it gets 5/5, but now I can't go any further as a 4/5 score.

From: John Morman KE5YGC
The MFJ 998 Uses the MFJ-5114-Y cable to conect too a Yaesu.
Work's like a champ..

From: Thomas Otterbein DG8FBV
Since nearly 2 years I use without any problems the MFJ-994b tuner together with my transistor PA.
Upgrading to the AMERITRON 811H (CXE) I use now the MFJ-998 tuner.
And like its predecessor it is working accurate and reliable.

The "Bypass Control" protects my amplifier against high SWR.
Missing saftey devices in the 811H makes it extra valuable for me.

The handling is easy and all what I expect is fulfilled.

Only the SSB readout at the analog meter could be improved. May be with the next firmware release. But the digital readouts are perfect.
All what I need is shown.

Small blemish.....the buzzer and it's screw was loose inside. May be due to transport vibrations.
It was fixed in a second.

Up to now: 5 from 5 points.


From: Keith Lamonica W7DXX
The biggest problem with having an HF, high power remote base station is that of building a decent antenna with low SWR on all bands. Believe me when I say I tried everything from single band antennas to most multi-band antennas. Nothing satisfied my Alpha 87A maximum 3:1 SWR constraint for all frequencies 160-10. Not until Martin Jue introduced the MFJ-998. I set the 998 parameters for the SWR I wanted and it has performed flawlessly in all conditions for months. The MFJ-998 is probably the best product I've used in years. Thank you, MFJ.

Keith, W7DXX (www.w7dxx.com)

From: Robert O. N8EFJ
This unit does what it is supposed to do. Tunning is done quickly and does not give any problems whether you are using a qrp rig of 10-20 watts or running the AL-80B amp. One word of caution - this unit does not have peak reading on the analogue or digital meter. I do wish they would add this feature via firmware, sideband readings are usless. 100 watts show about 35w on voice. Overall this is a very good tuner and will handle the full 1500 watts on CW or SSB.

MFJ - please add peak readiing even if it is a add on kit !

From: Verne W8BLA
I have owned several of the "auto" tuners on the market and this MFJ does exactly what it says it will do. The real "set it and forget it" tuner. Thanks for an exceptional product Martin!

From: NOK 9M2MRL
Bought new 2 years ago and of late there was this issue of bad switch. The power turn off after using it for a while. Some ham told me to call Bob of MFJ who is an expert on this tuner. So called Bob I did and after explaining the problem to him he asked for my mailing address and he said he would send me the spare switch for FREE. 10 days later the switch (2 pieces actually, I guess Bob gave one extra for spare) came in the mail and I got a tech friend of mine to remove the old switch and resoldered the new one. Works as new. Thanks again Bob. Excellent tuner if you like a fully auto with the clickings of the relays hi hi..73s

From: Joe Torrey WD5Y
I just wanted to say thank you for the firmware updates. I check often on different equipment I own and these type of upgrades usually don't happen. I certainly appreciate this customer support because I know that you are looking for product improvements after the sale. I am very pleased with my purchase.


From: Bill K9YEQ
The latest firmware has this tuner working just super! The Sticky tune when enabled after power up makes the use of the 998 from a remote position with no control other than power on/off work just great. My original unit failed and after some attempts it was replaced by the factory just like they say it will be. Can't beat that. I highly recommend this tuner. I use a THP HL-2.5KFX into it at full power.


From: Lloyd Maxson K3QYE
Have had the unit for 6 months now. Works great and is very easy to use. It won't match everything perfect but lets you know if there is a problem. Really a lot easier than manually tuning my old Dentron tuner.

It is pricey but it worth it to me for the ease and speed of changing bands or frequencies.

From: Seth KI7AQJ
I modified one of these to autoswitch a wire antenna or coax without disconnecting the wire from the back. I used an old AT&T monopole relay that was damaged, but when pulsed 10x the contact will swing about 3 inches and connect the wire antenna. I ground as in used a grinder to remove the other contacts so there is a good couple inches between the wire and the contact when the contact is open. It can discern what is hooked up and the 1/75"-2" of wire running to the monopole does not register at all. The monopole was set on a porcelain slab insulator for an X tension regulating assembly in old knob & tube wiring, so that keeps the wire & relay nicely insulated from the chassis. After the mods, this thing is almost on my want "really bad" list. It's on the want list, but it needs to move a little higher up or my bank balalnce need to move a little higher up. It tunes quite fast, and fairly reliably. I am rather impressed, but I am also easily impressed. It handles 1500 watts no problems, so far. I did go through and install better jacks, & grounded things better. If you double check MFJ's work, and clean up the usual mass-production slop work, it can be really decent gear. Usually just make sure everything is tight, and replace missing screws. MFJ is pretty good about fixing stuff that does not work, under their warranty program too. By the time I see it the warranty has usually long since expired. I doubt this will tune as well as my best home brew and vintage modified manual tuners, but I am not in any hurry to find out, either. It does quite well, so long as you don't expect the impossible, or highly improbable.

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ANT, MAG MT, 2/6M, 5/8 WAVE, RG58 PL-259/BNC
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AUTO TUNER, 1.5KW, 1.8-30 MHZ
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