Factory Install!!!

ARI-1306 allows full control of the Ameritron ALS-1306 and ALS-606/ALS-606S amplifiers via USB or through the internet.

Lets you operate your amplifier from a remote location as if you were sitting right in front of it. Operate your amp on vacation, business trips, from exotic locations, even at work! Don’t tell the boss about your fancy new contraption though.

Get full control of band selection (manual or automatic), standby/operate switch, ALC adjustment, power on/off and forward/reflected calibration.

Allows monitoring of digital forward and reflected power along with a bargraph, PAmodule’s voltage, current and temperature, band selection, standby and operate switching, ALC voltage, power on and off and SWR/PA fault occurrences.

The ARI-1306 is divided into two units. One is installed inside of the amplifier. The second is a stand-alone interface box. This box will connect to the remote jack located on the rear of the amplifier. The interface box includes a firewall protection circuit and secured access to the station devices.

A single point of communications with the internet allows for secure and safe operation. The interface can allow multiple users to have operating controls or “monitor only” access.

ARI-1306 has USB, ethernet, amplifier power ports, on/off switch, & power, ethernet and amplifier status LEDs. 6Wx13/4Hx41/4D inches. Must be factory installed,
call 1-662-323-8211 for details. .

Back of ARI-1306 shows USB and ethernet jacks and the amplifier input with the radio interface cable. The box is powered separately. Prewired interface cables are available in this catalog.