MFJ Amplified Mobile Speaker MFJ mobile amplified communications speaker; it is perfect for mobile use, great clarity and clear tones on CW and SSB; has excellent mounting bracket! Works great in the base station also, you can plug it directly into the cigarette lighter socket of your power supply. Large 2 ¾" speaker with a 3-inch fine metal mesh grill brings out speech fidelity that you never knew existed! It restores the smooth sound of sinewaves that CW naturally generates and makes it easy to understand and copy. MFJ-383 was carefully designed to improve the intelligibility of speech in the frequency range of 600 to 4000 Hz while reducing undesirable noise, static and hum. You wont believe the clarity and depth of the audio! MFJ-383 gives six watts output and 8 Ohms impedance. It features a 12 VDC cigarette lighter plug with an 8 foot cord, a 3.5 mm mono jack plug with a 13 foot cord , an on/off power switch and a gain control knob. It includes a free swivel mobile mounting bracket with thumbscrew locks. Requires 12 VDC, has 2 amps fuse, maximum 1 watt audio source, maximum six watts output. MFJ-383 weighs less than one pound. Its powerful, but compact; 5" x 4" x 1 ¾", with bracket. MFJ-383 is protected by MFJs famous No Matter What one year limited warranty. MFJ will repair or replace (at our option) your MFJ amplified communications speaker no matter what for one complete year.