Curtis Keyer Chip


The legendary Curtis keyer chip is now the revolutionary new Curtis 8045ABM with more features than ever at no extra cost!

Features include: Built-in 89 character memory, expandable non-volatile memory, true sine wave sidetone with soft rise/fall times eliminate harsh keyclicks for beautiful sounding sidetone.

You also get type A or B iambic keying, dot-dash memory, adjustable weight, tone and speed, automatic or semi-auto mode, low current drain. 28 pin.


Supply Voltage: 4 Vdc min., 6 Vdc max. (5 Vdc recommended)
Operating Current: Depends on sidetone and keying arrangement
Speed Range Approximately 5 to 65 WPM
Iambic Operation: A or B iambic. Automatic or semi-automatic
Weight Control: Weight can be added or subtracted
Dot-Dash-Space Ratio: 1:3:1 standard
Sidetone Generator: Internal using external low-pass filter -- about 300 to 1200 Hz
Message Memory: 85-character built-in volatile or 507-character external non-volatile
Key Debouncing: Internal logic
Package: 28-pin SDIP (SOIC package available)

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