This super high performance amateur radio ATV transmitter module is capable of putting out a whopping 4.5 Watts! The RF power output is controlled by an analog potentiometer from near zero output to 4.5 Watts maximum. Current draw varies with power level selected.
Frequency control is provided by means of a digital integer-N, phase locked loop. Dual PLLs provide a frequency locked video carrier and an audio sub-carrier. Transmit frequency is selected via a four position dip switch. Four standard US ATV frequencies 426.25, 427.25, 434.00, and 439.25 MHz on channels 58, 59 and 60.
Video modulation is accomplished by a 12-bit digitally controlled DAC-digital to analog controller. A specially embedded software algorithm controls the modulation depth and pre-distortion level to deliver an ultra-clean video signal to the final RF amp.
High power transmitting over 0.5 Watt output requires an external heatsink. When provided with an external heatsink, MFJ-8709 can be used for extended key down operation. Reverse polarity protected.

RF power output: 4.5W Max, 50 Ohm
Audio Subcarrier: 4.5 MHz
Spurious Outputs: Better than -40dBc
Phase Noise: -75 dBc/Hz @ 500 KHz
DC power in: 12-13.5 V Max, (+/-100mV)
Current Draw: 2.2 Amps @max output
Frequency control: XTAL ref. to 4 MHz
Frequency stability: +/-20 PPM
Video In: Composite NTSC 1V P-P
Audio In: Line level 200-250 mV RMS
Operating Temp: -20o to +85o Celsius
Size: 2.35Wx2.8Dx.75H inches