Vectronics PMT-228 Professor Morse is so tiny, you can take it anywhere and learn Morse code anytime.
You can take it everywhere! Enjoy code practice at home, going to work, on vacation, on a plane or in a hotel -- no matter where you are, practice without bothering anyone.
Professor Morse gives you a large LCD display that reads out letters, numbers and punctuation in plain English. See code as it is being sent! Its a powerful sound and sigh aid! You can constantly check yourself and test your progress.
Check your copy, select from menus and program custom characters and words on this two line display with 32 huge 1/4 inch high contrast characters.
Vectronics proven beginners course takes you from zero code speed to solid copy fast. QST rated our tutors "The clear choice for beginners" in a recent review. It follows the ARRL/VEC format for teaching Morse code effectively.
Professor Morse takes you from knowing zero code to solid copy fast! you learn individual letter, number and prosign sets first. Previously learned sets are combined with new sets to reinforce all that you have learned.
You get realistic plain English QSO practice which helps you pass and upgrade! Theyll also give you plenty of confidence before you make your first real contact.
Practice copying words as one sound -- not individual characters. Instant word recognition makes you a true, high-speed CW pro. Word recognition Mode gives you hundreds of commonly used words in amateur radio.
Never run out of practice! Choose letters, numbers, punctuation, random words or QSOs for practice.
Select normal or Farnsworth spacing. Farnsworth makes it easier to recognize entire characters. it stops the tendency to count individual dots and dashes that slows learning.
Select fixed or more realistic random length groups (up to 8 characters) and change speed 3 - 60 words-per-minute.
With Vectronics SettingSaver you settings are automatically saved, ready to use next time.
Vectronics gives you SilkySmoothSidetone with TrueTone sine wave and SoftStart dots/dashes -- this lets you concentrate on learning without the distraction of harsh key clicks. Use earphones for private practice. It is powered with easy-to-install 9 volt battery (not included).
Adjustable volume, variable pitch 300 - 1000 Hz. Weighs less than 5 1/2 ounces. Fits in your shirt pocket.
Toss it in your briefcase, travel bag, or stash it in your cars glove compartment and youll have it ready for instant practice.
Take one home today and upgrade or pass the test! Its easy with Professor Morse!

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