Distributor of this new ultra-portable multimode HF transceiver. 
Features a built-in highly efficient automatic antenna tuner, split frequency XCVR function,
RIT receive fine tuning, NB noise suppressor, NR digital noise reduction, number notch, and computer-aided control functions. 
Super lightweight and portable, you can take it anywhere!
The X5105 is equipped for desktop or handheld use and covers all modes HF + 6-Meters, SSB/CW/AM/FM/RTTY/PSK-31. 
Everything You`re Looking For! That`s what you get with XIEGU`s
all-new X5105 ultra-portable multimode QRP transceiver marketed exclusively in the US by MFJ. Compare feature by feature,
and you`ll quickly realize it`s like carrying a sophisticated full-sized station transceiver with you -- in your  pocket!