HDR-300AX, HDR-300A, 240VAC

The HDR-300AX is for King sized antenna arrays up to 25 square feet wind load area (inside tower). It has 5000 inch - pounds of turning power and 7500 inch - pounds of brake power. Brake construction is a solenoid operated locking brake and the bearing assembly is bronze sleeved with rollers built to handle huge loads. Control cable connector, hardened stainless steel output shaft, North or South centered calibration, ferrite beads on potentiometer wires to reduce RF susceptibility, and new longer output shaft keyway adds reliability. Self-centering steel mast clamp and hardware. Digital display accurate to 1º. Machined steel output. Mounting hardware, stainless steel bolts included.

Uses 220 VAC.

Order HDR-300A for 110 VAC operation.

HDR-300A Rotator Specifications
Wind Load Capacity (inside tower) 25 square feet
Wind Load (w/ Mast Adapter) n/a
Turning Power 5000 inch-pounds
Brake Power 7500 inch-pounds
Brake Construction Solenoid operated locking
Bearing Assembly Bronze Sleeve w/ Rollers
Mounting Hardware Stainless Steel Bolts
Control Cable Conductors 7
Shipping Weight 61 pounds
Effective Movement (in tower) 5000 foot-pounds

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