MFJ-1538, BASE ANT., QUAD-BAND, 6M/2M/220/440MHz, 2/6/8 DB

MFJ`s Pulsar Base/Repeater Antenna series is built to last!

Heavy duty fiberglass radomes and overlapping shells add strength and stability.

Stainless steel hardware and waterproof joints eliminate moisture and pollution. These antennas feature a super high wind load resistance.

Similar to MFJ-1536, but covers 2/6 Meters and /220/440 MHz. You get 2.15 dB gain on 6 Meters, 6.2 dB gain on 2 Meters and 7.2 dB gain on 220 MHz and 8.4 dB gain on 440 MHz.

SO-239 connector, handles 200 Watts. Includes all stainless steel hardware. Only 8.2 feet, shipped in one section.


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