MFJ-1795W, ANTENNA, APARTMENT, ARC BD (12/17/30/60M)

This antenna is perfect for permanent or portable operation in antenna-restricted areas. You can hide the MFJ-1795W behind trees, fences, buildings, and in bushes! The antenna is only 7 to 10 feet tall (adjustable).

The MFJ-1795W has a low angle of radiation for DXing and is omni-directional. The MFJ-1795W handles 1500 Watts PEP. It has highly efficient end loading. The entire length of the antenna radiates and it has low SWR.

The MFJ-1795W can be ground mounted with a suitable ground, such as the MFJ-1904 Ground Coupled Antenna Base, or radials or ground rods. You can also roof mount the MFJ-1795W with radials.

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