Phil Salas, AD5X, has built a portable antenna that is longer, lighter, and more compact (when disassembled) than his original antenna published in a 2002 QST article. It is also easier to build, and easier to find parts for. Band coverage is also increased to include 60 Meters, as well as 40 through 10 Meters!

As before, this new version of the Portable Antenna is designed for easy transport. It breaks down into multiple mast sections, a whip section, an air-wound center loading coil section, and a small base support. No piece is longer than 20 inches so it will easily fit into most suitcases. The longer the antenna, the greater the radiation resistance and therefore the less impact you have on efficiency due to ground and coil losses.

This antenna is a full quarter-wave long on 20-10 meters, and minimizes the coil necessary for 60, 40, and 30 Meters.

And now, a handful of the parts needed are located in one spot -- MFJ! MFJs kit for Phil Salas antenna building project consists of the following:

(1) One MFJ-1976 -- Ten Foot Telescopic Whip Antenna
(1) One MFJ-404-0008, 2.5" Diameter 5 Inch Length Coil (10 turns per inch)
(6) Six MFJ-605-4001 Special Silver Plater Tap Clips for Coil
(1) One MFJ-610-2005 Chassis Mount SO-239 Connector

Product Manuals

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