MFJ Inductance/Capacitance Multimeter

No more guesswork identifying unmarked or faulty inductors and capacitors. Let the MFJ-200A Handheld LCMeter do it for you! Measures capacitance down to .01 pF and inductance to 001 mH.

MFJ-200A delivers laboratory performance at an unbeatable price using a sophisticated high-speed micro-controller to compute unknown capacitance/inductance.

Highly accurate, compact, rugged, self calibrating, and super easy-to-use. Simply turn on, select function, press zero-calibrate button, and connect your component. Result appears instantly on the easy-to-read LCD with 4-digit numerical resolution.

You can even store calibration data in memory. MFJ gives you four selectable ranges: 0.01pF - 10uF; 1uF - 100uF; 0.001uH - 100mH; .001mH - 100H.

Accuracy is typically 1% for most values. During any given test, you can press the Function button to read the exact frequency used for the measurement.

Use four AA batteries (not included), 5.5 VDC AC adapter, or any USB source with a mini-USB plug.

Should you forget and leave power on, a shutdown feature turns it off. Just push power switch to resume testing.

No test bench is complete without a good digital L/C meter. Enjoy hand-held convenience plus all the benefits of twenty-first century micro-technology.

Handheld size, 3 1/2W x 6H x 1D inches.


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