Commercial Amplifiers for 150-174, 450-470 MHz and VHF marine bands, 70-100 Watts out.  Most feature over temperature sensing, bypasses amp when safe operating temperatures are exceeded.

Heavy duty heatsinks are finned on 3 sides and have a wide input range.  Amps designed for 2 way radio, commercial , mobile, or fixed location use. 

All are FCC type accepted!!

MIRAGE Commercial Amplifier Specifications
Model Price Input Output Preamp Range
B-34-GC $199.95 .5-3 W 10-30 W Yes 150-162 MHz
PAC15-100-C $459.95 5-25 W 5-100 W No 450-475 MHz
PAC30-130-B $379.95 10-30 W 5-100 W No 150-174 MHz