RBC-212-KN1, RBC CNTRL, KEN TS-2000,870,570,590,B2000,480

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RBC-212 is a remote base controller equipped with two link input ports. One radio control port and two multi-function ports each on the AUX and RS-232 ports. The TELCOlink port allows connectivity from VOIP services such as vonage, MagicJack, AT&T or just a standard telephone line.

Audio in/out link port allows connection to an audio source such as Skype or a FM radio link. Both links can be connected simultaneously for redudancy. With the optional plug&play cable kit, installation is accomplished in minutes with only mic gain to adjust. Simply connect the radios serial and accessory ports to the RBC. Then connect a telephone line to the RBC. Call the telephone number connected to the RBC with your cell phone. The RBC will auto-answer and connect you to your radio. Its that easy!

When RBC answers, you will be greeted with a high quality female voice. Enter your passcode. After you enter your 4-digit DTMF passcode, you will be informed of the remote base status . . .

Welcome. Remote Base Ready!