SR-3, TRI-BAND HF YAGI, 10/15/20 METERS, 6EL, 5kW

The SR-3 - A 6 element tribander HF Super-compact Contest Yagi covering the 20m/15m/10m bands with a single feed point

The SR-3 tri-bander was inspired by the C3 Force12 tribander providing the traditional HF 3 bands of 20m/15m/10m. Furthermore it is much smaller than the C3, comes with a capacity loaded 20m element altoptions and reduced turning radius too!


20m Band

  • Gain: 6.1dBi
  • F/B: 10.76dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.5:1 from 14-14.35Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning 2 active elements

15m Band

  • Gain: 6.2dBi
  • F/B: 12.67dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.9:1 from 21-21.45Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning 1.5:1 coverage 300Khz 2 active elements

10m Band

  • Gain: 6.78dBi
  • F/B: 21.78dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.5:1 from 28-28.6Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning 1.9:1 SWR up to 28.7Mhz 2+ active elements
  1. Power Rating: 5kw
  2. Boom Length: 3.1 Metres
  3. Weight: 20Kg
  4. Turning Radius: 5.28 Metres
  5. Wind Loading: 0.8 Square Metres
  6. Wind Survival: up to 201KPH / 125MPH
  7. Stacking Distance: 7 - 12m ( 11m recommended)


The boom is made from 45mm diameter square tube with a wall thickness of 3.2mm and thus is super-rigid. The largest diameter elements are the 20m elements which are 32mm diameter in the centre (with 3.2mm wall) tapering quickly to 9.5mm. Marine grade stainless steel is used throughout our antennas. No guying or boom truss is needed with this antenna.

Our antennas are constructed with the best quality materials in order that the best mechanical construction can be achieved, not the cheapest and most profitable!

Note: Much development time has gone into our antennas, not just on basic electromagnetic design, we are able to model the effect of insulators, booms and other objects to ensure the make up of our antennas have least effect on performance and pattern degradation.