SR-5, 5-BAND HF YAGI, 10/12/15/17/20 METERS, 9EL, 5kW

The SR-5 - A 9 element multi-Band HF 5 Band Super-compact Yagi covering 20m/17m/15m/12m/10m bands with a single feed point

The SR-5 has been reduced by more than 30% in length while giving the same performance, 5 HF bands consisting of 20/17/15/12/10. The SR-5, comes with a capacity loaded 20m element Option and reduced turning radius too!

SR-5 Performance

20m Band
Gain: 5.95dBi
F/B: 11.79dB
SWR coverage: Better than 1.4:1 from 14-14.35Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning
2 active elements

17m Band
Gain: 6.40dBi
F/B: 11.67dB
SWR coverage: Better than 2:1 from 18.06-18.180Mhz without an ATU
2 active elements

15m Band
Gain: 6.37dBi
F/B: 13.69dB
SWR coverage: Better than 2:1 from 21-21.35Mhz without an ATU
2 active elements

12m Band
Gain: 5.45dBi
F/B: 10dB
SWR coverage: Better than 1.3:1 from 24.88-25Mhz without an ATU
1+ active elements

10m Band
Gain: 6.72dBi
F/B: 20.1dB
SWR coverage: Better than 1.5:1 from 28-28.55Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning 1.9:1 SWR up to 28.7Mhz
2+ active elements

Power Rating: 5kw
Boom Length: 3.5 Metres
Weight: 28Kg
Turning Radius: 5.99 Metres
Wind Loading: 1.2 Square Metres
Wind Survival: up to 200KPH / 124MPH
Other options available if higher wind loading/survival is required.
Stacking Distance: 7 - 12m ( 11m recommended)


The boom is made from 45mm diameter square tube with a wall thickness of 3.2mm and thus is super-rigid. The largest diameter elements are the 20m