XPA-125B, XIEGU XPA125B 125W QRP AMP,1.8-54 MHz


The XPA-125B can be used with any QRP Radio. To connect this amplifier to the Xiegu X5105 you must have the XCE-19. The XPA-125B is the perfect amplifier for a 5 watt transmitter when 100 watt output is needed. Its maximum power output is 125 watt. The automatic Antenna Tuner Unit and power amplifier unit of XPA-125 can be used independently of each other as either an automatic antenna tuner or a separate power amplifier. The tuner can handle 14-500 ohm loads in the HF bands 1.8-30 MHz and 6 meter band 50-54 MHz. Has Automatic Band selection as well as manual to make it the perfect amp for the X5105 or the X108G. The large back lit LCD display shows input/output power, SWR, Voltage, Current, Temperature, amplifier status as well as warning messages making operation of this modern amplifier simple and also user friendly. The serial connection allows you to hook it up the the computer to update the firmware.

XPA125 Specifications:

Frequency range: 0.5-54 MHz Maximum output power: 1.8-30 MHz >110W / 50MHz >90W Maximum ambient operation temp: 131 Fahrenheit(55 Celsius) Gain: 13 dB (+/-2dB) Spurious suppression: >50 dB Supply Voltage: 12-15 Volt DC Transmit current draw: @ max output 30A Receive current draw: @ max 700 mA ATU Frequency range: 1.8-30 MHz & 50-54 MHz ATU Tuning range: 14-500 Ohm Dimensions: 10.3 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches (Excluding knobs, feets, handle etc) Weight: 5.86 lbs(Shipping weight 8.82 lbs)


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