MFJ-1234COS, RigPi Operating System v3.0

If you have purchased MFJ-1234 (including MFJ-1234-SD, MFJ-1234MB, MFJ-1234MA, or MFJ-1234OS) after June 30th give us a call to get a $5.95 special pricing (With Proof of Purchase)!!!!! 

The MFJ-1234COS is the new software update for the RigPi .

Disclaimer: Warning if you live in an area with low internet speeds then this download may be slow. 

RigPi 3 is intended to run using the Raspbian Buster operating system.  RigPi 3 has not been tested on other Linux distributions

Software ONLY

You CAN NOT use the zip program built into Linux, you can however use a different zip program such as 7-zip 

for help with .zip issues, check out the RigPi Forum for more info on this issue

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