New! Ameritron ALS-606S/ALS-606 Solid State 600 Watt amplifier covers 160-6 Meters and automatically bandswitches by your transceiver.

It’s only 4 dB below 1500 Watts -- less than an S-unit -- nobody can hear the difference! Be heard! Work DX and ragchew with anyone. Just turn on, select band on your transceiver and operate. No tubes, no warming up, no tuning, ever.

Desktop size 93/4Wx7Hx141/2D”, just 14.2 pounds.

SWR/thermal protected, extremely quiet, lighted peak reading Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter, front panel ALC control, operate/standby switch, multimeter.

Select transceiver interface cable,

ALS-606S, $2275 includes lightweight, highly regulated switching power supply,10 lbs., 9Wx6Hx141/2D in.

ALS-606, $2375 includes transformer power supply for 120/220 VAC, 32 lbs., 91/2Wx6Hx12D inches.

ALS-600S, $1975. Like ALS-606S. Less auto-band switch, 6/10M. ARI-500, $119.95 auto-bandswitch box. MOD-10MB, $59.95, adds 10-Meters.

ALS-600, $2075. Like ALS-600S but has transformer AC power supply.


Power Supply for the ALS-606

ALS-600PS Heavy Duty Linear Power Supply (included with ALS-600) features: •Massive choke input filter greatly improves voltage regulation and reduces peak AC line current

• AMERITRON’s exclusive Multi-Voltage Power Transformer lets you compensate for stressful high line voltage and performance robbing low line voltage

• Step-Start Inrush ProtectionTM stops damaging inrush currents and extends the life of your power supply components

• Illuminated Cross-Needle Meter monitors voltage and current of 50 VDC line.

• Extremely quiet fan • Very compact 91/2Wx61/2Hx12D inches -- can be placed conveniently out of the way

• Wired for 120 VAC, supplies 50 VDC at 25 Amps to ALS-600 amplifier

• Also use on 100-130 VAC and 220-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

• Draws less than 12 Amps at 100 VAC and less than 6 Amps at 230 VAC

• Includes prewired cable to plug into ALS-600 amplifier. Purchase ALS-600PS separately for $599.95.

 The ALS-600SPS is a light weight switching power supply to use with the   ALS-600 amplifier. The switching supply weighs 3 times less than the choke type power supply. The specially designed switching and filter circuit makes this power supply hash free.

The ALS-600SPS has a terminal strip where the AC voltage can be 120 or 240 50/60 Hz. The power supply will safely operate from 90-130 Vac in the 120 Vac position and 185-260 in the 240 Vac position.

  • Line Input: 120/240 AC 50/60 Hz
  • Output: 50 Vdc 25 Amps +- 14 Vdc 1 Amp.
  • Metering: Cross Needle Volts / Amp.
  • Output Cable: Beau multi-connector with 6 foot cord to mate the ALS-600 amplifier
  • AC line: NEMA 5-15P connector
  • Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 14"
  • Operating Weight: 10 lbs.
ALS-600 Variants
Base Model w/ 50V Power Supply - ALS-600 Base Model w/ Switching Power Supply - ALS-600S
220V Export Model w/ 50V Power Supply - ALS-600X 220V Export Model w/ Switching Power Supply - ALS-600SX
110V Export Model w/ 50V Power Supply - ALS-600Y Switching Power Supply Only (No Amp) - ALS-600SPS

Product Manuals

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