The RCS-12 is an automatic remote antenna switch. It reads information from the transceiver and selects the pre-programmed antenna automatically. Programming is as easy as a push of a button. It works with most Icom,Yaesu, Kenwood and other rigs that have a band data output line. It has a manual/automatic switch that will allow manual selection of antennas as well. It has eight LEDs to indicate which antenna is selected.

RCS-12 stops expensive antenna switching damage. No HOTswitching with the RCS-12! It`s late at night, there`s a run of stations going, and the operator pushes a button. SWR shoots up! Even if the SWR Watch Protection kicks in, you still lose your run frequency while you look to see what happened, if you notice at all! At best you only lose your run frequency; at worse you lose an amplifier or antenna switch.

You`ve learned a painful lesson! The cost of a blown bandswitch or antenna relay pales in comparison to the price of a contest. You`ll never know if this was your year because a split-second error turned you from a winner to a loser. It`s another year before you can try again.

With a properly connected and programmed RCS-12 it is impossible to pick the wrong antenna. It is impossible to damage equipment by switching antennas while transmitting.

You no longer have to hover over guest operators like a mother hen; RCS-12 will not let them make an antenna switching mistake. Ameritron’s RCS-12 is compatible with virtually any antenna switching system. It works with BCD or one-of-eight outputs, and is fully compatible with 12 or 24 volt relay systems.

RCS-12 can handle directional control of two four-squares, or one four-square along with an assortment of other antennas. It can handle up to eight individual antennas. Any single position or combination of positions can be programmed for any particular band. The operator pushes an antenna selector button and the RCS-12 takes over.

The RCS 12 monitors the amplifier keying line. It prohibits antenna relay transfers while your amplifier is active. Simultaneously,it remembers what antenna function the operator called for. It switches at the first amplifier drop. It holds the amp off until switching is complete and relays are settled.

It monitors the band data from radios. The internal band decoder knows which groups of switch positions are allowed on each band. It prevents a distracted operator from picking the wrong switch position. When the radio changes bands the RCS-12 goes to the last antenna used for that band. 

RCS-12 makes it impossible to put the radio on the wrong antenna. It’s impossible to switch relays while the amplifier is on, whether you are switching stacks, directions, or antenna arrays or any combination of the three. RCS-12 works with four squares, stacking systems, directional arrays and other combos of up to 8 antenna selections.

Measures 8 ¼ x 2 ¼ x 7". 1.5 lbs. 

RCS-12 - includes automatic controller and 8 position relay box. Covers DC to 100 Mhz and handles over 5KW @ 50 ohm below 30 MHZ. Powered with 10-15 VDC or with 120 VAC adaptor, included. 

RCS-12L - RCS-12 with lightning surge protection.

RCS-12C - Automatic Controller only. compatable with RCS-8V/RCS-10 outdoor relay boxes.

RCS-12X - RCS12 for 220 VAC operation.

RCS-12LX - RCS-12L for 220 VAC operation

RCS-12CX - RCS-12C for 220 VAC operatoin

*Not compatible with Kenwood TS-480, or TS-2000 transcei

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