MFJ-1982MP, END FED, 1/2 WAVE, 80-10M, 300W, WIRE ANTENNA

  • FULL HF Coverage, no tuner needed on most frequencies.
  • No long counterpoise, radials or feedline required.
  • Rugged weather-resistant 50-Ohm matching network.
  • Fast Setup and takedown.
  • Easy Storage/transport.
  • Stainless Hardware, UV resistant materials throughout.

End-Fed Horizontal Wires(EFHW) cover multiple bands with-out traps, stubs, or resonators.

End-fed radiators have the unique quality of resonating on the 1/2-wave fundamental frequency plus odd/even harmonics above!

Broad-band matching transformer at feed point lets the entire HF spectrum be yours! SWR is so low you may never need a tuner.

Get on the air! Just one high center or end support -- installation is fast for home, road, emergencies.

EFHWs install virtually any-where in minutes! Comes with a rugged insulated-wire radiator that prevents detuning when contacting limbs/branches. "No-snag" end insulator slides over branches and through foliage without hang-ups.

Toss your EFHW over a high limb for an inverted-V, raise the far end high for a powerful sloper, or even go vertical with an inverted-L. Dark jacketed wire is virtually invis-ible -- Don`t let antenna restric- tions keep you off the air!

It`s no secret that weather events are getting stronger -- the EFHW makes a great emergency back-up for your regular antenna.

Power ratings are in Watts PEP for SSB/CW modes, with 50% or less transmit time (ICAS). Each network designed and tested to ensure great performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

End-fed horizontal wire, an EFHW, offers the perfect solution for a wide range of ham activities.

Whether you`re QRPbackpack, vacationing, emcomm station, or an antenna neighbors will never see, MFJs got an EFHW for you: MFJ-1982LP, $59.95. 30 Watts QRP, 80-10 Meters, 132 feet. MFJ-1984LP, $49.95. 30 Watts QRP, 40-10 Meters, 66 feet. MFJ-1982MP, $79.95. 300 Watts Restricted space, 80-10 Meters, 132 ft. MFJ-1984MP, $69.95. 300 Watts Restricted space, 40-10 Meters, 66 feet. MFJ-1982HP, $109.95. 800 Watts, high power, 80-10 Meters, 132 feet. MFJ-1984HP, $89.95. 800W, high power, 40-10 Meters, 66 feet.

Typical SWR, MFJ-1984LP



2:1 SWR Span

80M 3.65/1.1 3.5-3.9
40M 7.19/1.4 Full Band
30M 10.8/1.3 Tuner Required
20M 14.3/1.3 Full Band
17M 18.1/1.8 Full Band
15M 21.25/1.1 Full Band
12M 24.9/1.5 Full Band
10M 28.2/1.0 28.0-28.80

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