MFJ KISS Mode Packet Controller

TNC-X -- An Inexpensive TNC for VHFPacket and APRS!

TNC-X is a low-cost, low power TNC currently deployed in thousands of locations all over the world. Just connect your FM radio and your computer and the world of digital packet radio is yours to enjoy. TNC-X is a self-contained TNC, not a computer sound card interface that ties up your computer's resources.

Supports KISS mode . . . The Easy path to Packet Radio

TNC-X is a KISS mode TNC. It works with every packet radio software program that supports KISS mode. These days, that makes it compatible with almost everything in packet radio. Unlike some other TNC's, you never have to worry about it “accidentally” falling out of KISS mode. KISS mode makes it extremely simple to use. There are no complicated menus of parameters to adjust. You just plug it in and it works!

Takes Advantage of Your Computer’s USB Port

TNC-X is a genuine USB TNC, not a TNC with an outboard serial to USB converter added to it. As a result, when you plug it into a USB port on your computer, it derives its power from the USB port. You need not provide a separate power connection. For those who want to use it with older computers, it also supports a separate conventional serial port. You can even switch back and forth between USB and serial if you like. TNC-Xs USB port works with all major computer operating systems including Windows (all versions after 95, including 64-bit), Mac OS X (as well as Mac OS 8 and 9), and Linux.

Uses Advanced Demodulation

TNC-X beats the competition in decoding packets from poorly adjusted transmitters. You get a built-in active audio filter in front of the TNC’s modem to clean up analog signals before they are digitized, substantially improving demodulation performance. TNC-X also supports true software DCD. You can leave the squelch of the radio connected to TNC-X open for very fast transmit/receive turnaround times.

Fully Supports APRS™ and EmComm Applications

TNC-X is a natural for emergency communications and is being used in this application across the country and around the world. It is fully compatible with Winlink 2000 both on the server side and on the client side. Just specify KISS mode in your PacLink MP or RMS software and you'’re ready to roll!

TNC-X is perfect for APRS™

Fully supported by virtually every APRS™ mapping program in use today. It provides a truly low cost mechanism for mapping the locations of other amateur radio stations.

The "X" is for expandable! 

TNC-X contains an expansion header that allows you to add daughter boards to provide entirely new capabilities. Add the MFJ-1270DG X-Digi board and convert TNC-X into a modern, remotely configurable digipeter. With TNC-X, you only buy the capabilities you need. You don'’t pay for features that you will never use.

Measures 5 ⅛" x 1 ½" 3 ¼".

Plug and Play! Plug-and-play . . . compatible with all of MFJ'’s TNC to radio cables (like the MFJ-5022), as well as MFJ’'s USB A to USB B cable. Add an inexpensive MFJ-1270DG X-Digi Board and you’'ve got a Digipeter!

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