MFJ-269D, HF/VHF/220MHz/UHF, .100-230, 415-470MHz, SWR ANALYZER

The Best Thing

Since Sliced Bread!

MFJ-269D covers 280 KHz to 230 MHz plus the 2200 Meter band and 415 to 470 MHz -- an MFJ-269D exclusive! Includes all the features of MFJ-259D, the world’s most popular SWRAnalyzerTM plus much more!

Large easy-to-read 2-line LCD display and side-by-side meters clearly display your information. Built-in Ni-Cad/Ni-MH charger circuit, battery saver, low battery warning,smooth reduction drive tuning, signal source for testing/alignment.

Built-in CoaxCalculator TM -- calculate coax line length in feet given coax length
in electrical degrees and vice versa for any frequency, any velocity factor (great
for building matching sections and phasing lines) -- an MFJ-269D exclusive! 12-bit A/D converter gives much bette accuracy and resolution than common 8-bit A/Ds -- an MFJ-269D exclusive! Super easy to use! Set the band switch and tune the dial -- just like on your rig.

280 KHz to 230 MHz Range Features

MFJ-269D gives you a complete picture of your antenna. Read antenna SWR and Complex Imped-ance 530 KHz to 230 MHz. Built-in frequency counter.

Read Complex Impedance as series equivalent resistance and reactance (Rs+jXs)or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees). Also reads parallel equivalent resistance and reactance (Rp+jXp) --an MFJ-269D exclusive!

Determine velocity factor, coax loss in dB,length of coax and distance to short/open in feet, read SWR, return loss and reflection coefficient at any frequency simultaneously at a single glance. Also reads match efficiency. Also read inductance in uH and capacitance in pF at RF frequencies. Measure SWR and loss of coax with any characteristic impedance, 10 to over 600 Ohms, including 50, 51, 52, 53, 73, 75, 93,95, 300,450 Ohms -- an MFJ-269D exclusive!

415 to 470 MHz Range features Just plug in your UHF antenna coax, set the frequency and read SWR, return loss and reflection coefficient simultaneously. You can read coax cable loss in dB and match efficiency.You can adjust UHF dipoles, verticals, yagis, quads and other antennas and determine their SWR, resonant frequency and bandwidth.You can test and tune stubs and coax lines. You can manually determine velocity factor and impedances of transmission lines. Adjust and test RF matching networks and RF amplifiers without applying power. Easy-to-read LCD logarithmic SWR bargraph/meter for quick tuning. 

Take it anywhere Fully portable, take it on remote sites, up towers, on DX peditions. N connector. Free N-to-SO-239 adaptor. Use 10 AANi-MH or Ni-Cd or alkalines (not included -- alkalines cannot be charged internally) or 110-240 VAC with MFJ-1312D. 4W x 2D x 63/4H in.

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