Cushcraft HV-4E  40/20/15/10 Meter low-profile Vertical Antenna spans continents and oceans while hiding from sight in your back yard.

Handles 1200 Watts SSB, 500 Watts CW, 500 Watts digital on 40 Meters -- run with the big dogs!!

  • Low angle radiation focuses RF energy on the horizon for optimum DX coverage.
  • High-angle overhead null rejects noise and local interference.
  • Automatic band-switching uses high-tech parallel end resonators instead of lossy series traps. 
  • High-Q top-loading resonators delivers less loss, higher gain on 20/15/10 Meters.
  • Center loading on 40 Meters improves efficiency and lowers center of gravity making HV-4E easier to handle and increases strong wind survivability. 
  • Individual resonators are simple to tune for lowest-SWR with to-the-kHz accuracy on every band. No unwanted interactions or compromises!. 
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and fiberglass construction ensure years of reliable service.
  • Weighs just 5 pounds and is19 feet tall. Built in Water resistance SO-239 for radio--no pigtail needed.
  •  Small footprint, low center of gravity and lightweight lets you easily install it by yourself almost anywhere. Low profile blends in with natural surroundings .
  • Low cost Radial Kit available.
  • Low cost Tilt Mount available. 

HV-4E-RK, $49.95.Eight 25 foot Radials(two sets of 4-Radials), each set with solder lug, (200 feet total weather resistance insulated wire).

HV-4E-TB, $29.95.Sturdy Tilt Mount lets you lower antenna to convenient height for easy tuning and maintenance.   

 Compare price and compare performance. The bands are currently teaming with DX from around the world ,and the HV-4E is uniquely designed to put you in the hunt! 

 Comparison: Cushcraft HV-4E versus Hustler 4-BTV 

Cushcraft HV-4E



Hustler 4-BTV

Enhanced 40 Meter Performance:

Extra-long center loaded radiator improves efficiency


Decreased 40 Meter Performance:

40 Meter power goes through multiple power wasting series traps

Highly efficient end/center loading:

Reduces loss for more power out


Lossy Traps:

Power lost in traps

Parallel resonators:  

Let’s you independently tune each band with little or no interaction. Makes tuning easy


Series resonators:

Tuning a band interacts with other bands -- may require repeated back and forth adjustments

Parallel resonators:

If one resonator fails only that band is impacted


Series resonators:

If a single trap fails, multiple bands could be wiped out

Included simple instruction makes installation and optimum tune up easy


 Aspecial instruction package” is recommended for teaching users how to retune 4-BTV traps and optimize performance

Low center of gravity makes it easy to handle/install and gives better wind survivability


High center of gravity makes it hard to handle

Built-in SO-239 coax connector provides convenient water resistance connection


Requires coax pigtail at extra cost that invites water incursion

Low suggested retail cost $219.95 & FREE shipping


STREET price Ranges from $229.95 to $295.95 plus shipping



Product Manual

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