MFJ-1608L, L-Matcher for Hamsticks/ Screwdriver

Reduce SWR on HF hamsticks and all band screwdrivers antennas for maximum power out.

Impedance match HF mobile antennas for lowest SWR to give maximum power output. 

Works for 6-80 Meter HF Mobile antennas (hamsticks, screwdrivers, bug catchers, etc.). The MFJ 1608L adds L (inductance) at antenna feedpoint to ground  to form L-network with antenna.  

Simple to use. Simply turn knob for minimum SWR.

Easy install. Remove hamsticks, place MFJ-1608L on mount , replace hamstick and attach ground wire.

For 6-80 Meters. 250Watts. 11 values of switchable inductance. Sealed weather resistance rotary switch with convenient knob. Mounts directly at antenna feedpoint for optimum performance.

MFJ-1608L is also known as shunt matching.