MFJs Guardian Angel Lightning Surge Protector safeguards your ham radio equipment from damaging static electricity and lightning induced surge arrest traveling on coax feedlines.
Countless hams have watched their precious radio equipment destroyed by lightning induced surges traveling on their coax feedlines. Dont be next!
MFJs ultra-fast gas discharge tube safely shunts up to 5000 amps of peak impulse current harmlessly to an independent ground.
MFJ-270 presents a constant 50 Ohm impedance to your transmission line. It has an SWR less than 1.1:1 and an insertion loss of less than 0.1dB. It can be used up to 1000MHz.
The GuardianAngel handles up to 400 Watts PEP. Has SO-239 connectors and works with all types o f coax fed antennas.
MFJ-270 is made of heavy duty steel with quality connectors and components.
replaceable gas discharge tube, MFJ-97. MFJ-270 does not protect against a direct lightning hit.