MFJ-1234C-EBP has everything but the Raspberry Pi 4 which are hard to come by these days.

  • Latest Mumble client, 1.4 Release Candidate
  • New bands added: 1.25m, 70cm, 23cm
  • New Modes added: RTTY, RTTY-R, USB-D (PKTUSB)
  • Remote character-based CW (in addition to currently supported element-based, requires free RigPi Hub 2.0.1 for Windows)
  • iOS shortcuts to control RigPi
  • "Tune To" macro for setting frequency, mode and passband
  • Set max level for sliders or disable them
  • Assign macros to F-keys (F1-F12)
  • Latching macros for toggling commands
  • Assign colors to latching macros
  • Disable/enable band buttons in Tuner window
  • Continent setting in User Editor now a drop-down
  • WSJT-X logged QSO's now properly transfer to RigPi (fix)
  • Bank buttons on Tuner window are separated, lock button moved
  • Macro, Open web page (such as to current DX call
  • Macro, Open web page (such as to current DX call or current band/mode
  • Macro, set CW speed
  • Last used macro bank is shown in Tuner and Keyer windows
  • Additional Flic commands: send CW message; send arbitrary radio command; tune to band; start radio
  • Latest amateur radio program updates including WSJT-X and Fldigi
  • RigPi Hub updated to support character CW.
  • Added BleachBit as System Utility for cleaning disk
  • Select PTT Toggle or PTT Momentary


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