MFJ-2703, ANT SWITCH, 3 POS, SO-239,2kW @HF, 900MHz

MFJ’s Rhinos™

tough, durable 2, 3, and 4 position antenna switches have gold plated flanges and connector contacts that provide low VSWR and low insertion loss.

A rock-solid, sturdy, die-cast design gives up to an excellent 70 dB isolation. These switches are build like a rhino, tough inside and out! Asuperior internal design lets them work for you for a long lifespan.

 Rhinos™ handle power up to 2 kW. Operating frequency ranges from DC to 3 GHZ with less than a 1.2:1 SWR. Asuper compact size lets you put them anywhere. Handy premade mounting holes.

Eight models to choose from. . .

  • MFJ-2702
  • MFJ-2702N
  • MFJ-2703
  • MFJ-2703N
  • MFJ-2704
  • MFJ-2704N
  • MFJ-2704M2
  • MFJ-2704N2