AL-572Q, HFAMP, 1300W, (4)572BTUBES, QSK, 100/110/120US

Ameritrons new class of Near Legal Limit Amplifiers give you nearly full legal SSB power output for 65% of the price of a full legal limit amplifier... and no one will ever know the difference! You get 1300 Watts PEP SSB nominal power out on amateur bands 160-15M. Four rugged 572B tubes give you near legal limit power and instant 3 second warm-up time. This whisper quiet, desktop linear plugs into your nearest 120 VAC outlet - no special wiring needed.

You get ... Ameritrons exclusive Instantaneous RF Bias, dynamic ALC, ParasiticKiller, Step-Start Inrush Protection...heavy duty power supply... fully neutralized tubes...Pi/Pi-L network...tuned input...pressurized ventilation... dual lighted Cross-Needle meters... multi-voltage power transformer... front panel ALC control....6:1 vernier reduction drives... much more!

Four rugged Tubes The AL-572 uses four rugged fully neutralized tubes. Each tube has a heavy duty Graphite Anode, low loss which Ceramic Base, superior Titanium Getter and legendary quality. Ameritrons exclusive ParasiticKiller effectively suppresses all parasitic oscillations.

Near Legal Limit Power Output Youll typically get 1300 Watts PEP SSB, 1000 Watts CW continuous, 1000 Watts 1/2 hour PEP two-tone test on all amateur bands from 160 through 15 Meters (WARC bands and 10 Meters with reduced performance -- user modified for 10/12 Meters with license).

Instantaneous RF Bias eliminates heat Ameritrons exclusive Instantaneous RF Bias completely turns off the 572B tubes between words and dots and dashes. it eliminates hundreds of watts wasted as heat to give you cooler operations nd longer component life.

Dynamic ALC doubles average SSB power Ameritrons exclusive Dynamic ALC gives you high level, low distortion RF processing it can more than double your average SSB power. Front panel control lets you adjust output power.

Heavy duty Power Supply A heavy duty power supply using a high silicon steel transformer delivers 2500 volts 0.7 amps with good regulation. The plate supply uses a full wave doubler, 200 amp peak surge current diodes, 7 watt, 50 K ohm wire wound bleeder resistors and a bank of high quality computer grade capacitors totaling 26 ufd.

Step-Start Inrush Protection When you turn on your amplifier, a massive inrush current flows. Eventually this current will damage your amplifier. Ameritrons Step-Start Inrush Protection limits damaging inrush current to your power supply and tube filament. This greatly extends the life of your amplifier components and tubes.

Pi/Pi-L Output Network The AL-572 Pi/Pi-L output network gives you exceptionally smooth tuning, wide matching range, full band coverage and peak performance at all power levels. Ball bearing vernier reduction drives on plate and load controls make tuning precise and easy. Detailed logging scales let you quickly return to your favorite frequency.

Tuned Input lets your rig deliver full output A Pi-Network tuned input using slug tuned coils provides a good 50 ohm load for your rig. Even the fussiest solid state rig will deliver full power to your AL-572.

Whisper Quiet pressurized cooling A whisper quiet internal fan draws in cool air over power supply components and pressurizes the tube compartment to remove heat for longest life.

To lighted Cross-Needle Meters Gride current, plate current and forward PEP output power are continuously monitored to tell you of improper loading and abnormal conditions. A fourth scale switches among peak reflected power (and SWR), high voltage, ALC threshold and ALC output voltage.

Multi-Voltage Power Transformer Ameritrons Multi-Voltage Power Transformer has a unique buck-boost winding. It lets you select from 14 primary voltages centered on 115 and 230 VAC. You can match your AL-572 to your AC line voltage so youll get peak performance and long component life -- regardless of your line voltage.

QSK Compatible For lightning fast QSK operation use the optional Ameritron electronic PIN diode QSK switch. Get the external QSK switch (QSK-5) or the Internal Switch (QSK-5PC).

Plus More! An Operate/Standby switch lets you run barefoot, but you can instantly switch to full power if you need it. Transmit LED; 12 VDC, 200 mA accessory jack; 12 VDC keying relay for solid state/tube rigs; tough, nearly indestructible Lexan-over-aluminum front panel. Shipped with transformer installed and wired for 120 VAC. Draw 16 amps at 120 VAC.

Ameritron Warranty In the unlikely even that there are defects in materials or workmanship, Ameritron will fix your AL-572 free for a full year.

Made in the USA

Ameritron AL-572B Variants
Base Model Includes built-in QSK-5PC switch
USA 120V AL-572B AL-572BQ
Export 220/240V AL-572BX AL-572BQX
Export 220/240V CE certified AL-572BXCE AL-572BQXCE
Export 120V w/10 Meters AL-572BY AL-572BQY

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