ALS-706, Ameritron 600 Watt LDMOS amplifier, 1.5-54 Mhz
with Power Supply

NEW Ameritron 600 Watt LDMOS amplifier

ALS-706, $2799.95, includes power supply

Be heard! Run with the big boys! 600 Watts is only 4 dB below 1500 Watts -- less than an S-unit -- nobody can hear the difference! Work DX, Ragchew with anyone. Just turn on, select band on your transceiver and operate. No tubes, no warming up, no tuning, ever.

NEW Ameritron ALS-706, $2799.95, is Ham Radio’s most affordable, full featured 600 Watt LDMOS amplifier!

Covers 160-6 Meter, automatically band switches from your transceiver, includes power supply, fully FCC Certified, totally legal, Made in U.S.A.  

SWR/thermal protected, extremely quiet, lighted peak reading Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter, front panel ALC control, operate/standby switch, multimeter.

Compact desktop size 9-3/4Wx7Hx14-1/2D inches,14.2 pounds.  Plugs in 120 VAC outlet. 

No tuning, no fuss, no worries - just turn on and operate … includes AC power supply, 600 Watts output, full 160-6 Meter coverage, instant band switching, no warm up, no tubes to baby, fully SWR protected, extremely quiet, very compact

-Ameritron’s new ALS-706 uses nearly indestructible LDMOS technology -- gives unequaled no tune solid state performance

-Includes Ameritron 120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz AC power supply for home operation

-Instant band switching, no tuning, no warm up

-Output Power - 600 Watts PEP, 500 Watts CW

-SWR Protection - prevents amplifier damage if you switch to wrong band, use wrong antenna or have high SWR

-Over Power Protection - if output forward power or reflected power exceeds safe level, output power is automatically reduced to prevent amplifier damage by controlling ALC to exciter

-Extremely quiet - low speed, low volume fan is so quiet you’ll hardly know it’s there

-Very Compact – 9-3/4Wx7Hx14-1/2D inch amplifier takes up less desktop space than your transceiver and weighs 14.2 pounds

-Illuminated Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter - lets you read SWR, forward and reflected peak power simultaneously

-Operate/Standby Switch - lets you run "barefoot", but you can instantly switch to full power if you need it

-Front Panel ALC Control - exclusive Ameritron feature - convenient front panel control lets you adjust your output power

-Transmit, ALC, SWR LED indicators - keeps you informed

-12 VDC output jack - lets you power low current accessories

-The power supply included with the ALS-706 can be placed conveniently out of the way and plugged into your nearest 120 VAC outlet - no special wiring needed

-Enjoy 600 Watts of no tune solid state power - -Step Start Inrush Protection stops damaging inrush currents and extends life of power supply components

-Illuminated Cross-Needle Meter monitors voltage and current of 50 VDC line

-Extremely quiet fan

-Very Compact 6" x 9 ½" x 12" - can be placed conveniently out-of-way

-Wired for 120 VAC, supplies 50 VDC at 25 amps to ALS-706 amplifier

-Also use on 100-130 VAC and 220-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

-Draws less than 12 amps at 100 VAC and less than 6 amps at 230 VAC

Made in the USA

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ALS-706, $2799.95  includes lightweight, highly regulated 110 VAC USA Linear Transformer power supply,32 lbs., 9Wx6Hx141/2D in.


Why LDMOS technology ?

Ultra reliable LDMOS technology has 20 years of proven widespread use in extremely high SWR environments -- commercial broadcast transmitter and industrial applications like plasma generators, lasers and MRIs. The LDMOS transistor used in ALS-706 is designed to handle SWR up to 65:1. It can withstand almost any load from a short to an open circuit!!!.

Benefits of LDMOS transistor used in the ALS-706:
  •  Very good linearity--gives you clean SSB, CW and digital signals
  • Superior efficiency-- gives you more power output for less power consumed
  • No catastrophic overheating because of thermal runaway--protects against sudden transistor failure
  • Excellent structural thermal conductivity--readily channels unwanted heat out and allows significantly higher continuous RF power level