ASL-2010, Beam, Log-Periodic, 8 ele. 6.4 avg., 13.5 - 32 MHz

Skylog ASL2010, 13 - 32 MHz

The ASL2010 log periodic antenna is the most cost effective, high gain, five band antenna solution on the market today. Skylog offers continuous operation from 13.5 to 32 MHz. Antenna gain and beamwidth are constant for uniform coverage from 10 through 20 meters. The ASL2010 is rated for continuous
duty at full legal power. Skylog is designed for maximum gain on a manageable 18 foot boom with only 10.1 square feet of wind surface area. All stainless steel hardware and rugged element design are only some of the many features that provide years of superior antenna performance. Skylog ASL2010 is the smart choice for multiband HF operation.

• Continuous five band coverage 13.5-32 MHz
• Constant over entire frequency range
• 6.4 dBi gain, 65 degree beamwidth
• 18 foot boom and 19.5 foot turning radius
• High efficiency design, antenna stays cool and VSWR steady

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