The EBS-1H is compatible with other amplifiers, including amplifiers up to twenty kilowatts from MF to VHF. The EBS-1H has an internal adjustment for bias voltage and an internal regulated reference. The switching time of the EBS-1 series is 20 uS. The fast switching time of the EBS-1 series, plus the small bias change from near class B to normal class AB, insures bias switching does not add splatter or distortion to the transmitted signal.

The EBS-1 series also has no measurable effect on CW waveforms or signal bandwidth, The EBS-1 series is the potential to reduce receiver noise on break-in CW between break-in CW between characters, in cases where diode-noise from the PA section quiescent current is audible. The EBS-1H can be modified to the fully adjustable bias voltage system.

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