New! T2X and HAM-IV Pulse Rotator Improvement

HAM and T2X series of rotators have been improved adding a digital pulse counter to the rotators and digital controllers. Older rotators used a specially designed expensive potentiometer to determine antenna heading. Over time the pot wiper contacts get intermittent and noisy. This new design uses a special high temperature rare earth magnet and a reliable reed switch to count the rotations of one of the gears in the drive assembly. DCU-2 and DCU-3 have circuitry built-in to count the pulses and accurately determine the heading of the rotator to +/- 1 degree with repeatable accuracy. With the new pulse mode the noise and intermittent pot problems are no longer an issue. Older rotators can be retrofitted with the new gear and pulse board. Older DCU2 and DCU3 controllers will need a modification to the wiring and a firmware update that can be done in the field. The pulse mode is not compatible with the DCU-1 or the older controllers that have analog meters in them. Call Hy-Gain for more details! 662-323-9538.


HAM-IV is the most popular rotator in the world ! It’s solidly constructed, has been time-tested and proven for over twenty years. HAM-IV is for medium communications arrays up to 15 square feet wind load area (7.5 sq. ft. with mast adapter). It has 800 inches-lbs. turning power and 5000 inches-lbs. brake power. Automatic 5-second brake delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped before the brake is engaged. No more accidentally engaging the brake while the rotator is in movement. New Test/Calibrate function. New low temperature grease permits normal operation down to -30°F. New alloy ring gear gives extra strength to 100,000 PSI for maximum reliability. New indicator potentiometer has been improved for greater reliability. Silver-plated relay contact point makes for smooth traveling and more reliable contact between pot strip and wiper arm - gives years longer life span on these important, internal components. Detachable 8 pin latching Cinch connectors make easy removal at rotator and 8 pin plug at controller. Dual 98 ball bearing race for load bearing strength and electric locking steel wedge brake prevents wind induced antenna movement. North or South center of rotation scale on meter, low voltage control, max mast size 2 1/16”.110 VAC.

Order HAM-IVX for 220 VAC operation. Optional lower mast support, MSHD

HAM-IV Rotator Specifications
Wind Load Capacity (inside tower) 15 square feet
Wind Load (w/ Mast Adapter) 7.5 square feet
Turning Power 800 pounds
Brake Power 5000 pounds
Brake Construction Electric Wedge
Bearing Assembly Dual race/96 ball bearings
Mounting Hardware Clamp Plates/Steel U-Bolts
Control Cable Conductors 8
Shipping Weight 24 pounds
Effective Movement (in tower) 2800 ft/lbs.


The DCU-2 advanced digital controller can be used with any HAM’s or Tailtwister rotators. Large, graphic LCD screen (1 38" W x 2 58" H) with large bright numbers and letters on an easy-to-the-eye blue background blends in with most modern stations. LCD displays rotator heading, external controller heading and even your callsign. DCU-2 has automatic or manual control. Dial in your heading with the internal control and press “Rotate”, the antenna will automatically rotate to your direction. Headings are in one degree increments. Left/right buttons allow manual control.

More Advanced features: AutoBrake Release-- No need to remember to release brake or release too soon -- release time is automatic, settable 0-8 seconds. Coast feature allows for mass of the antenna to come to a stop in the right direction before the brake locks everything down. Coast delay cuts off the motor before reaching the selection -- reduces overshoot due to antenna mass. Auto jogs make sure that the antenna is unlocked and free before turning begins. It’s most helpful for older rotators with “sticky brakes”, auto control will jog the rotator backwards slightly before going in the proper direction, insuring that brake pressure is eased up enough to release. Fine beam heading touch-up is quick-and-easy with manual keys -- no worrying about the brake. Offset feature allows display reset to indicate actual heading.

Adjustable sleep mode 0-255 minutes.

USB/RS232 ports allow computer-control of DCU-2.

Ham Radio Deluxe, other compatibles.

Field upgradeable firmware.

8.5"W x 4.3"H x 9"D.

Requires 110V.

See the DCU-2X for 220 VAC operation.