MA-160V, Vert, Monoband, Gplane 160m, 0, Radal wire incl.

Cushcraft Low Frequency Vertical

MA160V 160-Meter Vertical Monopole Antenna

MA160V is a compact efficient vertical especially designed for working top-band
DX from an average-size house lot. A low launch angle and deep overhead null combine to pull in distant stations while rejecting local QRM.

The MA160V features a heavy-duty high-Q copper loading coil plus a wide 100-inch diameter stainless capacitive hat for high efficiency, resiliency and 1500-Watt power handling.

An adjustable stinger provides coverage on any 40-kHz segment across the 1.8 2.0 MHz band.

Weighing only 12-pounds, the MA160V installs easily and blends in with backyard trees and vegetation.

Each antenna comes with a 400-foot spool of ground-radial wire plus a Danscord™ insulated guying kit.

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