MFJ-1118D, High Current Power Strip with Digital Voltage Meter

MFJ DC Deluxe High Current Power Strip with Digital LED Voltage Meter

The new MFJ-1118D Deluxe Multiple DC Power Outlet lets you power two HF and/or VHF transceivers and six or more accessories from your transceiver's main 12 VDC supply.

The new MFJ-1118D has two pairs of super heavy duty 30 amp 5-way binding posts to connect your transceivers. Each pair is fused and RF bypassed. They handle 35 Amps total. Six pairs of heavy duty, RF bypassed 5-way binding posts let you power your accessories. They are protected by a master 15 amp fuse and have an ON/OFF switch with an "ON" LED indicator. 

The new MFJ-1118D Deluxe Multiple DC Power Outlet has a built-in 4-25 VDC digital LED voltage meter, six feet of super heavy duty eight gauge color-coded cable with ring tongue terminals. Binding posts are spaced for standard dual banana plugs. Unit is constructed with Heavy Duty aluminum, and has mounting screw holes so that you may secure it to your station.

For analog voltmeter version, see MFJ-1118

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