MFJ-1146, DC Filtered Power Strip, 40A, 13.8VDC

Wipe out power-line

RFI with the MFJ-1146!

Whether it’s a noisy switcher, power line, or engine, up to -60 dBm of suppression keeps the hash out of your rig and away from your ears.

Bring out that weak, low-band signal! This isn’t a dainty filter either.  The MFJ-1146 is rated for a total load of 40 A at 13.8 VDC, but even if you blow a fuse, a series of LED indicators tells you instantly which one
is out.

Worried about RFI getting in after the filters?

The MFJ-1146 has you covered! Properly grounded, the aluminum case will help keep RFI out. With four sets of Anderson PowerPolesTM and two sets of high-current binding posts, the MFJ-1146 is versatile enough for all of your power needs.

Product Manual

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