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Add an Inexpensive X-Digi Board to your TNC-X MFJ-1270X and You’ve got a Digipeter!

X-Digi is an inexpensive board that plugs into TNC-X’s expansion header and makes it into a stand-alone full-featured digipeter. It supports the new WIDEn-N paradigm for APRS™ digipeters, or can act as a general purpose digipeter.

When operating as an APRS™ digitpeter, X-Digi has the capability to trap and eliminate duplicate position reports, substantially reducing congestion on APRS™ frequencies. It has the capability of sending up to four different beacons, each with its own text, and each at its own transmission interval.

Together TNC-X and X-Digi consume very little power (less than 25 mA). In a pinch, you can power TNC-X and X-Digi all day long on a 9-Volt battery.

X-Digi is remotely configurable over the air. You can change virtually every digipeter parameter without ever having to revisit your remote site. Password protection ensures that no one else will tamper with your digi’s settings.

Your X-Digi will never be obsolete. New firmware will be made available for free by the internet. No special equipment is required to flash the updated code into your X-Digi.

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