The MFJ-1748 End Fed Zepp is an end-fed wire antenna that, when properly erected and fed with balanced feedline through an antenna tuner, will be usable on all amateur bands from 80 to 10 Meters. This antenna will handle 1500 watts of RF power (with a suitable antenna tuner). Its total length is approximately 135 feet.

The name “Zepp harkens to the days of dirigibles, or Zeppelins, which used trailing wire antennas that, by definition, had to be fed at one end.

The antenna is 135 feet long, a half-wavelength at 3.5 MHz (for convenience, think of the center of the 80 Meter band as roughly 130 feet, and 4.0 MHz as about 125 feet). End-feeding a half wavelength of wire on 80 meters has certain mechanical advantages over center-feeding the same length of wire. It can be erected in limited space situations where a 135-foot centerfed antenna is not possible.

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