5/8 Wave 2 Meter Ground Plane Antenna

Look at all you get at an incredible price! You get a 300 watt 5/8 wave ground plane base antenna for 2 Meters that gives you the maximum possible calculated gain of any single element antenna.

Other 5/8 waves cant work any better -- no matter how much they cost.
You get shunt fed matching network for lowest possible SWR over entire 2 meter band. Plus, it bleeds off unwanted static.

You get MFJs RapidTuneRadiatorTM for quick accurate tuning.
You get a ceramic insulator for low RF loss.  Result? Maximum radiated power is achieved.  Easy installation to any 1 to 1 1/2 inch mast, (not included) with a single U-bolt (included).

You get strong lightweight aluminum construction thats protected by MFJs PermanentMolecularBondingTM Technology. This super durable finish actually bonds itself to aluminum molecules so it wont come off unless metal comes off!

You get MFJs famous No Matter What one year limited warranty.
This deal gets you the most incredible value in a 5/8 wave base station ground plane. Remember, other 5/8 wave ground planes cant work any better.

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