Check out MFJs portable 3 element beam for 2 Meters. Unique design lets you set it up or take it down in seconds! Elements simply screw into the boom. Its easy to store and sturdy enough to use as your base station antenna.
The extra gain and directivity from this beam could get you through when a vertical cant. Itll make the difference between "youre breaking up..." and "Solid copy".
Center mount it and use it vertically on FM or horizontally for SSB. By rotating it you can minimize QRM. Unique design also lets you end mount it vertically or horizontally on the leg of a tower.... great for Packet and PacketCluster.
Its compact 2 3/4 foot boom gives you a calculated gain within 1 dB of a four element Yagi with a boom nearly twice as long. Extra thick elements maintain high gain and directivity over virtually the whole 2 Meter band. A ferrite choke balun gives you excellent feedline decoupling. Coax coupling is further reduced by mounting the SO-239 connector behind the reflector.
Has MFJs Permanent Molecular Bonding Technology. New coating wont come off unless the metal comes off. Weighs just 2 pounds. Boom is 30 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches. Mounts easily to mast or tower leg with single included U-bolt. Mast not included.
Take the MFJ-1763 Two Meter portable Yagi with you wherever you go and have the oomph and directivity of a beam.

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