Gives twice the omni-directional gain of a single ⅝ Wave

MFJs stacked ⅝ wave radiators give you more than twice the omnidirectional gain of a single ⅝ wave radiators!

Wide 10 MHz 2:1 SWR bandwidth...excellent ferrite choke balun feedline decoupling...shut choke for bleeding off unwanted static... strong lightweight aluminum.

Works as an excellent 6 Meter full halfwave centerfed antenna. Perfect for MFJ-9406 or MFJ-9606 radio/antenna combination.

Fully assembled -- simply attach radiators -- no tuning required. Mounts vertically for FM/packet or horizontally for SSB. Installs with single U-bolt (included) to any 1 to 1 ½ inch mast or tower leg. Weighs in at 1 ½ pounds with two 47 inch radiators and a 23 inch boom. Mast is not included.

Has MFJs exclusive Permanent Molecular Bonding Technology -- new metal coating that is so tough it wont come off unless metal comes off.

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